Accommodation guide

Welcome to Orsa Grönklitt, here you will find an accommodation that suits you. Through our accommodation guide you will get an overview of our different types and areas. Perhaps it is the cozy cottage with the forest around the corner you dream of, or the slightly larger apartment higher up in Orsa Grönklitt overlooking the blue mountains. Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to contact our central booking. Contact information can be found here.

The map below is interactive! Please click around to read more about each area.

How do you want to live?

Timmerstuga i Orsa Grönklitt sommartid


There are five different holiday villages in Orsa Grönklitt: Blåbärsbyn, Centrumbyn, Toppbyn, Rovdjursbyn and Skogsbyn. Genuine log cabins or newly built modern cottages with miles of views. The cottages are spread over the complex so that everyone can find a place that suits them.

28I7169 Stor (108888)

Apartment/semi-detached house

Just below the peak in Orsa Grönklitt with miles of views of Lake Orsa and siljansbygdens blue mountains are the apartments on site. They consist of 8 to 16 beds with practical décor, sauna and balcony.
Right outside the door are the tracks and Toppstugan is within easy walking distance.

28I7150 Stor (108869)


The hostel is centrally located in Orsa Grönklitt and is, close to trails, slopes and the wilderness, a perfect starting point for an active holiday.

28I7173 Stor (108882)


Cozy cottage in king-size format with all possible facilities. With room for 24 night guests, Limbygården is perfect for larger groups and conferences. It offers traditional Dala craftsmanship and modern technology in a harmonious combination. Limbygården is among other things. equipped with a large kitchen and relaxation area.

28I8861 Stor (196967)


With one of Orsa Grönklitt's best locations just above the city centre, the campsite is located. Perfect for those who travel with their own vehicle but still want to enjoy a magnificent holiday near the wilderness.