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Discover the local area

In addition to bears and skiing, Orsa is perhaps best known for its music. Kalle Moraeus, a famous violin player and tv-personality, lives and works here and every summer Orsayran, a street musician festival where visitors and musicians mix with entertainment and good food.

With its location in the tradition-cut Dalarna and close to the entire Siljan region, there is of course a fantastic cultural offering. In Mora you can visit Zorngården and its museum, and in Nusnäs a bit from there lies the world-famous Dalahorse production.

If you were here, it is impossible to miss the rich range of sports and outdoor sports. With a huge network within Biking Dalarna, the widespread wilderness and of course all local enthusiasts you will find here everything you need for an active holiday. In addition to the trails in Orsa Grönklitt, you can widen the views on country roads or why not in Vasaloppsarenan?

Please get help from our staff in the Guest Centre if you have concerns about places to visit during your stay with us.

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Orsa Camping

A five-star family campsite, beautifully situated along the shores of Lake Orsa with the blue mountains on the horizon. In addition to the kilometre-long beach, there is a heated pool area with pirate ships, children's pool and water slides.



Helvetesfallet and Storstupet, an exciting destination in the Orsa forests about 35 km from Orsa Grönklitt.

3292032 Zorngarden

Zorn house

The Zorn house was once the home of Anders and Emma Zorn in Mora. Today the host couple is gone but the house constantly welcomes new visitors. Guided tours take place six days a week, during the summer tours are offered every day. The Zorn house is about 33 km from Orsa Grönklitt.

1966441 Skraddar Djurberga Fabod

Skräddar Djurberga farm

Skrädd Djurberga is a very well preserved and original farm house with some 20 houses dating back to the 17th century. In the pasture there are animals such as calves, pigs and chickens. Skrädd Djurberga fäbod is located about 35 km from Orsa Grönklitt.

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Orsa Slipstensmuseum

The museum consists of the entire 2 square kilometre Tietens mining area, with associated museum building, mining cottage, hackhouse, a large number of old mines (open cast mines) and facilities from the old production.

1257884 Dalahastar

Dala horse production

Dalahästen is now not only a symbol of Mora and Dalarna – but of the whole of Sweden. However, it is in Mora that it originates, in the village of Nusnäs where it is still today made with the same love for craftsmanship. As it has done all these times. Dalahorse production in Nusnäs is about 33 km from Orsa Grönklitt.