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Fish in Rädsjön or in the put and take pond next to Restaurang Ugglan & Björnen. At Längdcentrum there is fishing equipment to both rent and buy.

Orsa Grönklitt has lovely fishing opportunities. In Rädsjön there are rainbow trout, pike and perch. Fishing licenses are available at Längdcentrum, Gästcenter and online via www.ifiske.se. At Längdcentrum there is also the possibility to both rent and buy fishing equipment.

Next to Ugglan & Björnen there is also a put and take pond. Cards for the pond can be purchased at Gästcenter.

Fishing license Rädsjön: 150 SEK/3 fish
Fishing license put and take pond: 150 SEK/2 fish
Fishing rod incl. 1 move: SEK 150/day