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Orsa Grönklitt is a place for experiences and meetings of all kinds, including with wildlife. In our animal park, meetings with tigers, polar bears and leopards await – and many more species.

Thest of us have ever been to a zoo. But Orsa Predator Park is not just any zoo – here you can experience some of the northern hemisphere's largest predators.

Rov animals live in enclosures designed to allow them to perform natural behaviors, including allowing bears to catch live fish, felines looking out at their views, and polar bears that can dig caves/tunnels in the snow during the winter. Animal keepers work daily for animal welfare and are the ones who know the animals best. Meet them during their work and listen to their stories at information and feeds during your visit to the park.

Rovdjurcentrum located in the entrance building there are both permanent and temporary exhibitions where predators are put in a social, cultural and environmental perspective. In the same building there is also Café Koppången with light food and a shop with everything from souvenirs to genuine handicrafts.

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Berguv Orsa Rovdjurspark
Närbild på ett lodjur i Orsa Rovdjurspark
Varg bland blåbärsris Orsa Rovdjurspark
Järv sitter på en sten i skogen Orsa Rovdjurspark
Persisk leopard i Orsa Rovdjurspark

Discover the animal park

Utställning av uppstoppade djur på Rovdjursparken

Predator Centre

Rovdjurcentrum and Designtorg Trä is a fantastic facility, which at the same time forms the entrance to Orsa Predator Park. Here there are exhibitions, lectures and film screenings with the theme of predators as well as wood as material in art and building materials. Here you get to feel, photograph yourself with a bear, see wolves up close and take part of exciting knowledge and facts about our predators.

Kafé Koppången i Rovdjurscentrum

Café Koppången

Welcome to sit down and enjoy a coffee. Here you will find coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pastries and yummy sandwiches. You can find the café in the entrance.

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Souvenir shop

Welcome to the souvenir shop, located at the entrance to the Predator Center. It offers a large selection of souvenirs. Everything from soft toys to locally made interior items, books and much more.

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Polar World

In Polar World, polar bears live together in one of the world's largest polar bear farms. See a life-size walrus and learn more about the Arctic's all animals in the exhibition. Enter a rare and exciting world.

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Tiger Mountain

Highest up the mountain you will find Tiger Mountain. Here you can see the tigers from different floors through glass windows, see the indoor environment of tigers or go out to the amphitheater. There is also a viewing ramp that extends over pendants and offers an extraordinary view.

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Leopard Center

Vid Leopard Center there is the chance to see the leopards from different levels through glass panes. From the ramp you get a good overview of pendants while getting lovely views of the wilderness and forests. In connection with pendants there is educational and exciting information to take part in.

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A park with important values – for the animals of the world

Snow leopard is classified as a highly endangered species according to the International Union for conservation of nature (IUCNs) red list.  The "Snow Leopard Trust" is one of the many projects that Orsa Predator Park supports in conservation efforts to help the wild population, but also conduct research.