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Skiing fun with Bärra

Learning to ski should be linked to joy and playfulness. That's why we've created ski fun with Bärra, which is based on this.

To become a really good skier, you have to fall at least 100 times says Blueberry Bärra. Learning to ski should be linked to joy and playfulness. That's why we've created ski fun with Bärra, which is based on this. Together with Blueberry Bärra, who is the children's best friend in Orsa Grönklitt, we have created various ski opportunities around the resort. Whether it's cross-country skiing or alpine skiing.

Bärras favorite areas

The Children's Slope

The ski slope is extremely popular with its perfect slope and custom lifts at different speeds. The children's slope includes Bärra's ski track and Bärra's ski carousel.

Bärras riding track

Bärra's ski track makes it easier to learn how to find balance on your skis when you ride up the – perfect before your first lift trip!

Bärras ski carousel

Bärra's ski carousel consists of button lifts that slowly spin around. It provides the opportunity to playfully teach children to go skiing and manage their skis. 

Bärra cross-country tracks

For the smallest cross-country skiers, the Bärra tracks are available on the resort. One at Råtjärn/Skogsbyn, one at Rovdjursbyn and one next to the barbecue area at barnbacken.

Bärras off-piste

In Bärra's off-piste, you can set out on an adventure trail through the forest. The path's natural path creates exciting and sometimes tricky turns.


Here live not only Bärra but several singing figures in the rolling blue slopes. Here you can choose to go on the piste or discover your own trails and small winding roads in the forest.

Get to know Blueberry Bärra

Bärra som gör high five mot barn

The story of Bärra Blueberry

Bärra Blueberry is our very popular and mischievous mascot who lives in the Blueberry forest in Orsa Grönklitt. Bärra originally lived in a regular forest where there were lots of fun stuff to discover and eat like ants, moss, berries, and lots of mushrooms.

Since Bärra Blueberry from the beginning was an ordinary little blueberry, he and his friends had to be very careful when they were out in the forest to play. They were just like regular blueberries, very small and close to the ground. Every day they risked being stepped on by children- and even eaten! Therefore, Bärra and his little friends quickly learned how to hide in the blueberry bushes from all the dangers in the forest.

One day Bärra met a kind little gnome in the forest. They started talking about life in the forest and Bärra told the gnome of his and his friends’ problem with the children. The nice gnome then had a brilliant idea, how about Bärra becoming a GIANT blueberry?! Bärra thought that was a great idea! And that is how Bärra came to be as big as a human.

Now that Bärra was so big he did not have to worry about being stepped on or even eaten while playing in the Blueberry forest. The gnome and Bärra created this super fun skiing area deep in the forests of Orsa Grönklitt and decided to name it the Blueberry forest!

Here you get to meet Bärra and a whole bunch of his fun and silly friends. Meet little tree blueberries that are keeping an eye on all the kids that come here, hang out with snowboarding blueberries and maybe some singing ones! Everyone is welcome here!

Catch a glimpse of the Old Berry that has lived here the longest and who keeps everything orderly and neat but watch out for the silly trollberry who throws snowballs at everyone that passes by!

Bärra also has many fun and exciting animal friends, like the snow leopards, polar bears, and wolves.

And did you know that Bärra does not speak like us humans? He only speaks the secret blueberry language! But he loves hugs and high fives and has many friends here in Grönklitt that can translate for him.

Sometimes Bärra is out exploring other places, like ski resorts or camping resorts so keep an eye out for him when you travel. He loves an adventure and would love for you to join him!

Bärra kramar barn

Bärra answers questions

See what Bärra answered when we asked a few questions, as he can't talk the way we do, we had to take it in the secret blueberry language.

Hi Bärra! What kind of fun filur are you?
Hello whoops! I am a mischievous blueberry who lives here in Blueberry Forest in Grönklitt, my very own forest with all my friends in.

How is it like to live in Blueberry Forest?
It's super fun and always some mischief going on!

What kind of friends live there with you?
There are small tree blueberries that look at all the children who come, one blueberry that goes snowboarding and another that likes to sing. The old-growth blueberry has been there the longest and keeps order in the forest, but watch out for the mischievous goblin blueberry that throws snowballs. I also have a lot of exciting animal friends, including leopards, polar bears and wolves. The best thing we know is to play and play with everyone who comes and skis with us there!

What fun! But what does a blueberry like you eat?
It's so good so I keep it a secret! But it's full of sugar!

What's your favorite color?
Blue of course!

What do you think is the most fun there is to do?
Skiing and playing with children.

What's the best song you know?
My song - The Bearer Song! It's great to sing and dance to it!

You seem like a cool blueberry! Where can you meet?
I show up here and there, you never know when I'm out on the prank. I am also of course on all my fun activities that are here at Grönklitt!

Thank You Bärra for the chat, I hope to see you this winter!
Of course we do, see you on the slopes! Thank you and goodbye, lots of snow!

Bärra som gör high five mot barn

Bärra launches new song!

New now there is a brand new song for our mascot Bärra. It's a wonderful song to dance to for any kid who likes our mascot Bärra.

Bärra's best ski tips!

Tecknad Bärra som plogar


When ploughing, be sure to bend your legs a little. Stand on both feet in the boots and get the skis together at the front and push out the heels so the skis get a form of a pizza slice or ice cream cone. You can put your hands on your knees or keep your hands in front of you. Keep your eyes forward.

Tecknad Bärra som åker skidor

Pararella skis

When you dare to go with a little more speed, you go with your skis next to each other like two ice cream sticks. When you turn, you can either make a skidding turn or a carving turn using the edges of the skis. Hands are held in front of you or help and turn in the direction you are going to turn in the big turns.

Tecknad Bärra som åker snowboard


To snowboard ing can feel a little strange to be stuck with both feet. Remember to have the weight on the front leg. Bend your legs and turn your upper body in the direction you're going. Use your arms and clearly point out which way to go. Keep your eyes far away and don't look down in the snow.

Tecknad Bärra som åker lift

Ride a lift

When you start skiing, it can be easiest to hold the button and the disembarkation will be easier before you get used to moving your feet with your skis on. When stepping on the lift make sure that the skis point straight up in the direction of travel of the lift. Look over your shoulder and turn your upper body around, look at the lift on the side of the lift, stretch your hands to the lift and put the button between your legs/under your butt or hold the button. Do not sit on the button then the string becomes longer, stand still on the skis with weight on both feet and let the lift pull you up the hill. When you get to the disembarkation, press/remove the lift button from your body and release it. Go/move quickly to the side so the next skier doesn't drop his button on you.

Tecknad Bärra som åker skidor

Bärras riding track

Slide onto the conveyor belt and hold the skis next to each other on the conveyor belt. Stand still with weight on both feet and keep your balance. When you get to the top of the conveyor belt, slide it off and quickly step aside so the one that comes behind you doesn't go for you.

Tecknad Bärra som åker skidor


Angle your feet like "Donald Duck" and pull out your skis as if you're skating. Different gears depending on slope. Tip: Try without rods first

Tecknad Bärra som stakar på skidor


Lift your hands so that you can get them up to your eyes, lean forward until the rods take in the snow, pull until your hands reach your hip, then rise up again.

Tecknad Bärra som diagonalar på skidor

Cross-country skiing

Lean forward easily, start walking on the skis to get the right movement, then push away to start skiing TIP: Go without poles

Tecknad Bärra som saxar på skidor


Walk slowly but surely with your feet like "Donald Duck" the steeper the more angle of the skis.

Tecknad Bärra som åker utför på skidor


Crawl like a meatball and keep your eyes straight ahead, so run so it smokes !