Längdinstruktör tränar längdåkare

Develop your cross-country skiing

Interest in cross-country skiing is only growing, so does the desire to develop its technology. With the help of a ski lesson, everything goes so much easier.

Sharpen the technique together with our skilled instructors at Längdcentrum. The competence of our instructors is very high and we are happy to help both those who are beginners in cross-country skiing and those who are aiming for a top position in Vasaloppet. To maximize your lesson with our instructors, we recommend a private lesson, where we can fully adapt to your ambition and circumstances.

Our instructors are trained both externally and internally. We work according to the Swedish Ski Federation's materials and keep us updated with the latest in technology development. Several of our instructors are active racers and have great qualifications from both SM and Vasalopp.

Skidlärare instruerar en längdåkare


A ski lesson can be conducted in many different ways depending on the number of participants and technical skills. You can book private lessons for an individual or as a group. If there are no specific requests, the lessons usually touch on all switches within each technique (skate or classic). A ski lesson is adapted to the ability of the individual or the whole group and wishes både in terms of exercises and selection of places to perform training.

Private and couples lessons are better suited if you are a beginner and want to learn how to cross-country skiing from scratch or if you have specific desires in areas you want to improve. It can also be possible to be several if the riders are on an equal level in their technology development.

Book your lesson via the booking on +46(0)772-280 100 or email langdcentrum@orsagronklitt.se.

Längdinstruktör som filmar en längdåkare


Take part of the same technology that national teams and elite clubs use. However, an iPad and a special piece of software allow you to get direct feedback on your technology in the track. Filming is a good educational instrument and gives the lesson an additional level .

For an extra 150 SEK/person you can get filming during your ski lesson. The time of the lesson will be the same as without filming.

Booking of filming and payment takes place at the cross-country centre just before your lesson begins.

Flera barn som åker längdskidor efter ledare

Private camp

We are happy to create customized camps for you as a group or association based on your circumstances. In addition to technical instructions, we can offer lectures on nutrition, training and equipment. At the Cross-Country centre we have unique skills in herding and equipment and also a successful collaboration with Lager 157 Ski Team.

Send request to the Cross-Country centre via email langdcentrum@orsagronklitt.se.