Barn som åker slalom med hinder


Skiing should be easy to learn. Orsa Grönklitt has adapted ski areas and experienced staff to help you.

In Orsa Grönklitt, skiing should be fun and easily accessible for you as a new skiing world. It shouldn't be complicated with equipment. Our experienced staff will help you in the ski rental to develop equipment that suits your specific circumstances. The Sports Shop offers the clothes and accessories you need for a day out in the winter world.

We'll help you along. Whether you're going cross-country skiing, slalom or snowboarding, you can book a ski school or private lesson – it doesn't matter how old or young you are. When you're ready for your own adventures, there are slopes of all difficulty levels to learn to ride in. For those who are going to try cross-country skiing, your lesson at the Cross Country Centre begins with custom exercises with a personal trainer. After this, just go out and test the different tracks according to your own ability.

Develop your skiing

Barn på led i slalomutrustning och skidskolevästar

Ski school – alpine

Our ski school is well known for its high level of teaching and well-adapted for beginners, children and adults alike. One of the secrets is that we have fun together, the game is as important as skiing. Our mission is to help create a positive experience of winter and skiing and generate a desire to try out and learn even more.

Längdinstruktör tränar längdåkare

Ski school – cross country

Sharpen the technique together with our skilled instructors at Längdcentrum. The competence of our instructors is very high and we are happy to help both those who are beginners in cross-country skiing and those who are aiming for a top position in Vasaloppet.

Tips for beginners

Flicka i alpinutrustning med Bärra Blåbär i bakgrunden

What to think about on the slopes

Svenska Skidanläggningars Organisation/SLAO has summarized what to think about on the ski slope and calls this "SLAO ́s little yellow".

We also have local rules that are important:

  • It is not allowed to ride with children in a baby carrier in a lift and piste.
  • It is not allowed to sledding on the slopes, only in the toboggan
  • Private snowmobile ride is not allowed within the resort.
  • Skiing is not allowed on alpine slopes when the lifts are closed.

If you have an accident, call the Guest Center on 0250-462 12 or talk to the nearest lift host.

Tjej på snowboard åkandes ned för en pist

Our slopes

In Orsa Grönklitt there is a favorite slope for everyone, in different difficulty levels. On the south and west side there are slopes for children, family and beginners. In the north and east there are bigger challenges and on on the north and east side are also our competition slopes. Slopes are divided into four areas.

Vallaburkar till försäljning på rad i hylla

Wax tips

Having the right wax on your skis makes the ski day even better. Take a look at today's waxing tips if you are unsure which wax is recommended. You can also hand in your skis for wax Längdcentrum.

Familj som äter lunch på uteserveringen på Toppstugan


In Orsa Grönklitt there are several options at a convenient distance from slopes and tracks. At at a restaurant or cook your own food, over an open fire or in the cottage. The choice is yours.

Manlig personal som vallar längdskidor

Cross-country centre

Welcome to längdcentrum, right next to the tracks. Here, our knowledget staff will help you with all possible services. The Cross Country Centre has everything you need for cross-country skiing and our staff will be happy to help you find the right equipment from head to toe.

Glad manlig personal stående bland skidutrustning

Sports Shop & ski rental

In our Sports Shopand Ski Rental you will find equipment for downhill and cross-country skiing. In the ski rental you can rent equipment for those who do not own anyone and in the Sports Shop you will find everything from socks and hats, from wax, poles and alpine skis.

Tips on accommodation