Tiger som går i snön

Unique meetings in the Predator Park

Orsa Grönklitt is a place for experiences and meetings of all kinds, so even with wildlife. In Predator Park, meetings await tigers, polar bears and leopards – and many more species.

Maybe you're here without a pair of cross-country skis under your arms or boots on your feet and want to do something else? At Orsa Predator Park you can spend a whole day experiencing powerful encounters with the winter-waking predators, watch art exhibitions and learn about our predators.

At the park you can also go on one of the activities organized: tour, feeding and environmental enrichment are some of them. After the tour you can check out the souvenir shop in the entrance and have a coffee at Kafé Koppången.

Utställning av uppstoppade djur på Rovdjursparken

Predator Centre

Predator Centre and Designtorg Wood is a fantastic facility, which at the same time forms the entrance to Orsa Predator Park. There are exhibitions, lectures and film screenings with the theme of predators and wood as materials in art and building materials. Many are affected by predators. The exhibition on predators is an experience in itself and gives you in an exciting way knowledge and information about our predators. The Predator Centre also has a film room and many interactive play and learning stations.

The 1 500 sqm building is in itself an excellent and interesting place to visit. Here are opportunities to learn more about our animals and be inspired to create in wood.

For several years, predator's centre has been producing exhibitions for children. Every year the exhibition is renewed and here exciting facts about predators and nature are told to children. Here you get to feel, photograph yourself with a bear, see wolves up close and get some exciting knowledge and facts about our predators.

Keep in mind that dogs and other pets are not allowed to enter the building or park.

Kafé Koppången i Rovdjurscentrum

Café Koppången

Welcome to sit down and enjoy a coffee. It offers coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pastries and yummy sandwiches. You will find the café in the entrance.

20200228 Dag 1 A7RIII 133 Stor (578690)

Souvenir shop

Welcome to the souvenir shop. There are many nice souvenirs here. We have also filled the shop with locally made interior items, books and much more. You will find the shop in the entrance.

Parkbesökare isbjörnar

Polar World

In Polar World, polar bears live together in one of the world's largest polar bear facilities. See a life-size walrus and learn more about the Arctic's all animals in the exhibit. Enter a rare and exciting world.

Tiger som går i snön

Tiger Mountain

Top of the mountain you will find Tiger Mountain. Here you can see the tigers from different floors through glass windows, see the indoor environment of the tigers or go out to the amphitheater. There is also a viewing ramp that stretches over pendants and offers an out-of-the-ordinary view.

Leopard i snön

Leopard Center

At leopard center there is the chance to see the leopards from different levels through glass panes. From the ramp you get a good overview of the pendants while you get wonderful views of the wilderness and forests. In connection with pendants there is educational and exciting information to take note of.

Snöleopard som går i snön

A park with important values – for the world's animals

The snow leopard is classified as a critically endangered species according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCNs) red list. The Snow Leopard Trust is one of the projects that Orsa Predator Park supports in conservation efforts to help the wild population, but also conduct research.

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